Laidlaw College Library Energises

As part of a wider campus regeneration the library at Laidlaw College gained the opportunity to upgrade their facility.


Paul White of Instinct Furniture was invited by Lesley Utting  (Library manager) to share with the college Executive his experiences in designing furniture for learning spaces. From there a programme evolved including the design of a new circulation counter and the provision of furniture to create a variety of work spaces throughout the library.


With a Client willing to embrace colour the Instinct team worked with Lesley to introduce fresh visual energy with the upholstery fabrics and furniture laminates chosen.


Particularly energising are the colours elected by Lesley for RADIAL OTTOMANS,  ANNA D and ZEBRA chairs.


Workspaces include ANNA D and ZEBRA Chair seating supported by OVERLAP and EXPRESSO Tables, Socrates POP Study Stations for individual study and a more collaborative COMMA Table nest.


A customised BOOKFLO FIXED PLUS circulation counter provides a concise solution for book issues and returns and information desk.


Lesley reports eager acceptance by both students and faculty to the facelift with new workspaces fully utilised.