UCOL Student Hub a Success

The Client’s goal was to transform a cold underutilised atrium space into a vibrant student hub.

The architects addressed the draughts and introduced ceiling baffles, heating and carpet to make the space cosier and a coffee cart operation installed.

For furniture Doreen Young (Associate Director Student Experience) turned to Paul White at Instinct Furniture for ideas. The Instinct design team went to work coming up with space planning incorporating a range of flexible furniture.

Desk top computer pods were purpose designed to wrap around six columns. Bright red pin boards mounted above the pods providing a visual anchor through the space.

Near the coffee cart, in addition to conventional café tables, HIGH SITTER Tables with sculptural MIURA Stools were introduced as a quick sit solution – check mail, sip a coffee and wait for a friend.

Throughout the central space the concept sought an ever changing scene where furniture could be arranged and arranged again as people ebbed and flowed – student and tutors alike.

RADIAL Ottoman groupings anchored the space with GALAXY Ottomans and gorgeously retro ANNA ‘D’ Chairs providing a colourful and convivial element. Seating was supported with EXPRESSO Round Tables and OVERLAP Tables for laptop users.

Doreen reports the atrium transformation a success with students and tutors actively utilising the Student Hub.