Laptop Zone for Auckland Central Library

In response to the influx of laptop users visiting Auckland Central Library, Kate Roberts (library manager) had noticed patrons making use of a quiet space on level 2 where, although unfurnished, they could sit on the floor and work undisturbed.

The usual purpose of this space is to set up catering for the frequent functions hosted on this floor. Kate sought ideas from Paul White at Instinct Furniture to provide laptop furniture that could be easily cleared when the space was required for functions.  Additionally, Kate needed a way of screening off the space to deter laptop users during such times.

The Instinct design team proposed two types of firm but comfortable work chairs supported by OVERLAP Tables, which would allow patrons to work with the laptop directly in front of them and at a comfortable height.

The SOFT MODULAR chair made of solid foam and upholstered in red commercial vinyl was light and easy to move as well as introducing bold blocks of colour into an already visually rich space.

The GALAXY Chair in dark grey wool flannel with tubular skid frame provided a second seating choice.

Finally the very mobile  TO GO Screens were chosen to provide space dividers for the laptop patrons and an effective way of closing off the space for caterers. The clear acrylic screens were finished in traditional Maori designs from the library’s excellent corporate identity options.

Kate reports that the space is very successful.