Energised student space for Aoraki Polytechnic Dunedin

For their vibrant Dunedin Campus, the Client’s vision was to create an energised space that would meet the needs of the students. To find a solution, the Client approached Paul White at Instinct Furniture.

The Instinct Furniture team worked hard to plan an efficient and effective space, incorporating flexible furniture that would respond well to a range of activities, whether it be  studying, hanging out with friends or relaxing between classes.

Near the kitchenette, HIGH SITTER Tables with DIVO Stools serve as a quick sit solution to check mail, have a quick coffee or wait for a friend.

A bank of BATSTATION FPMsprovides desktop web access.

A flexible lounge, featuring RADIAL Ottomans and ANNA D Chairs, creates a casual space around the wall mount TV. The lounge is an ever changing scene where furniture is easily arranged and rearranged as students ebb and flow. Seating can be mixed and matched with EXPRESSO Round Tables and OVERLAP Tables for laptop users.

IRONING BOARD Tables and JET Chairs provide places to meet and eat.

The Client is excited about the new student lounge which captures the culture and energy of the Aoraki Polytechnic