Faculty of Agriculture and Life and Sciences building by Styria Architects

Conceived as the Faculty of Agriculture and Life and Sciences building at the University of Maribor, Slovenian, Styria architects have taken the exterior fabric as a vertical ground section, interrupted by large glass surfaces which establishes the contact of the interior with the exterior green space.

 A transparent extension of the facility with subordinate proportions is stratified by a light gap, placed in such a manner that at an appropriate distance from the existing castle forms a platform through the facade breaks – the square below the bell tower which is supplemented by a water motive, an open air classroom and micro-urban equipment.

 The extension in the northern part of the castle hompos is expressed quite differently: it is a completely different interpretation of an architectural intervention, whereas a hybrid of the landscape becomes opposed to the monumentality of the building.

A direct contact with nature and intertwining environment shapes a cut-out landscape carpet, where a transformed green meadow becomes a roof, replacing its topographic profile.

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