A new informal learning area at The University of Auckland’s Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library

Instinct Furniture was recently commissioned to work with The University of Auckland, Faculty of Education, to refurbish an area in their Sylvia Ashton-Warner Library.

IMG_2210Library Manager, Chris Moselen and her team wanted to replace the existing study carrels to create an inviting informal learning area – one that encouraged student interaction and collaborative learning.

Paul White, our Director of Design, submitted a plan suggesting furniture from our informal learning range, ensuring colours fitted well with the architecturally significant building.

IMG_2222_editedThe new area now houses our RADIAL and LINEAL OTTOMANS, teamed with our SPARROW Tables, EXPRESSO LINEAL and EXPRESSO ROUND Tables, APPLE Stools and GALAXY Ottomans.

IMG_2211The selection of furniture offers students a wide range of choice and flexibility, allowing spaces for students to sit, learn, chat, work or play.

IMG_2227Chris Moselen says, “The new furniture is the start of a wider library and academic collaboration at the Faculty of Education to look at the way students might utilise both furniture and spaces in an informal interactive learning environment.”

“This presents interesting challenges for libraries, especially those designed some time ago, as they balance the demands for quiet study space with the need for students to work collaboratively”, says Chris.