Culture centre’s lobby designed to explore, relax and collaborate

Within the Asia Culture Centre (ACC) in Gwangju, South Korea, Matali Crasset has realised an interactive, spatial intervention throughout the complex’s lobby, ground floor and mezzanine levels. Conceived as a series of science-fiction-themed ‘sensors’ from an alternate universe, ‘Reflexcity’ comprises a sequence of larger-than-life acoustic pods of different functions, diameters and colors. Metallic grey trim wraps each unit, creating an unearthly shimmering effect as natural light filters through the space.

The series of oversized sensors forms intimate settings for a variety of activities, including personal relaxation, co-working or creative collaboration. The circular, human-scale dishes invite visitors to reach them by climbing across hidden walkways and scaling ramps, leading to a ring of soft seats, large dining tables and expansive viewing platforms.

One of the pods faces outwards towards a row of bamboo shoots, bringing viewers face-to-face with nature and allowing them to meditate and contemplate their surroundings; another comprises a large green table with attached benches, with a shade that both protects and provides light to those seated underneath; a third forms a capsule stilted on long metallic rods, offering views of the light-filled interior space to visitors. Overall, the installation in Gwangju intends to divert the symbolism of technology, in this case, an antenna dish, and re-centre its meaning on human beings — a common theme throughout many of Crasset’s creative projects.

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