A travelling gallery space and library

‘Proyectos Impala’ is a refurbished trailer container that is used as a library and exhibition space in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico – a city situated on the Rio Grande, across the United States border from El Paso. Curator Alejandro Morales teamed up with Urbánika Architects for the project to restore the disused vessel. The original floor was repaired and rectangular windows were inserted at the top of the structure, allowing natural light to fill the interior. The addition of a small lounge and reading area was added, creating a warm environment for people to meet, relax and to enjoy the artworks.

The travelling gallery works with international artists and curators to reach out to isolated communities, providing numerous exhibitions and reading material before moving on to the next stop. The library has a collection of over 750 books, obtained via donations from various institutions. The project aims to strengthen the creative bonds deep rooted within the society, by building an infrastructure which has a presence on both sides of the border. The cultural hub acts as a catalyst for re-development and as a gathering place for young artists to meet and come together.

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