A library and a cake shop

Schemata Architects have completed their second renovation project for experimental Tokyo based kitchen ‘Hue’. The company which specialises in food visualisation, wanted to relocate existing programmes onto the fifth floor of the building, providing a place where people could gather in a casual environment.

The architecture studio interpreted this wish by creating a space which incorporates both a library and cake shop. This unique combination brings together two seemingly unrelated spaces to create a harmonious gathering area that provides opportunities for interaction.

Schemeta’s first renovation for the company features a photography studio, kitchen and dining room. Their recent refurbishment includes a library that uses a large open white space with a circular table at its centre. The books are arranged in white modular boxes against the walls, creating an impressive display within the minimal environment. The cake shop is separate from the atheneum, however a rectangular insert has been made within the bookcase which allows visitors to see into the store. An arrangement of various cookbooks are presented along these shelves creating a vibrant border around the window which looks into the space.

A kitchen is also included on the fifth floor which provides a meeting area, for people to meet, cook and learn from the large selection of cookbooks presented in the library. The unusual combination of these two disparate fields, presents itself as a logical solution to the existing notion of what a study can contain. The experimental space introduces a new outlook towards the conventional static environment of a library, providing an area which puts knowledge into action through the use of cooking.

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