GLO MINI – a friendly little helper

GLO MINI – friendly, compact, and with a list of features…

  • An interactive cantilevered meeting end
  • Touch-button, sit to stand height adjustment
  • Robust brake castors for easy mobility
  • A handy pencil tray
  • Flexi courtesy screen

At Hornsby Central Library, NSW, GLO MINI is installed as a greeting / coordination point, near the library entrance. Also in NSW, at Coffs Harbour City Library, GLO MINI is a friendly, welcoming help point, positioned within the library; and, at City of Canada Bay / The Learning Space at the Connection, GLO MINI is a teaching / help station in a busy learning space.

GLO MINI  At Hornsby Central Library.

GLO MINI at Coffs Harbour City Library.

Meanwhile, at The University of Auckland General Library, GLO MINI has been in use since late 2014 – deployed in an informal learning space where it is utilised as a friendly, mobile teaching / help station.

GLO MINI at The University of Auckland General Library.

GLO MINI is highly versatile, doubling as your help desk / roaming station in a library environment, or a responsive teacher station in a tertiary setting. GLO MINI enables teachers to easily relocate within their teaching space and to engage with individuals, groups or multiple groups — ideal for Active Learning Environments.


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