Paeroa Library chooses YAKETY YAK 1500

The stunning new Paeroa library opened its doors in May, and at almost double the size of the previous library, it offers a range of resources and services that are set to benefit the whole community, for generations to come.

The stunning new Paeroa Library.

The stunning new Paeroa Library.

Sue Lean, District Libraries Manager for Hauraki District Council (now retired) had previously worked with Instinct Furniture on several library installations. With the new Paeroa Library project underway, Sue contacted Paul White, our Director of Design, in search of counters and desk designs that would achieve a dynamic, friendly, front of house.

Working closely with Sue, Library Manager Lesley Young, and later with Sue’s successor, Claire Scott, Paul proposed to deploy YAKETY YAK 1500 desks, supported by a central Cash / Eftpos Module.

YAKETY YAK desks and Cash / Eftpos Module for libraries.

YAKETY YAK 1500 desks, supported by our YAKETY YAK Cash / Eftpos Module.

YAKETY YAK Cash / Eftpos Module for libraries.

YAKETY YAK Cash / Eftpos Module provides a secure and dedicated cash register and Eftpos station, easily accessible from the two desks.

YAKETY YAK 1500 desks are designed with an inviting and spacious desktop, encouraging an easy interaction with customers. YAKETY YAK’s touch-button height adjustability encourages ergonomic work posture by allowing staff to work at the correct height either seated or standing. Staff are able to quickly adjust the desk height to sensitively respond to customers with disabilities.

Height adjustable YAKETY YAK in the standing position - for libraries.

YAKETY YAK in the standing position, with MUVMAN Stool stored neatly underneath.

Services are supplied to the desks via floor boxes fitted under the desk base plate and hidden in the YAKETY YAK barrels, keeping cabling out of sight, and in keeping with YAKETY YAK’S clean, uncluttered and welcoming appearance. The YAKETY YAK barrels are covered in lime green vinyl to compliment the surrounding interior. Clever MUVMAN Stools allow staff to ‘take the weight off.’

Our BOOKFLO Returns Processing Workstation and BOOKFLO Book Returns Module completed the picture, providing a concise, ergonomic returns processing facility.

Claire Scott says, “These desks have made a big improvement in terms of how staff interact with customers. In the old library, staff were seated and were constantly looking up from a low desk to assist people. Now they can stand side by side, and staff can share the monitor easily with the customers as needed. And, the adjustable height means that they work well for all staff. Customer service is now more about interaction rather than purely the transaction.”