Inspiring creative thinking in society

The Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC) is a government agency located in Bangkok with a mission to inspire creative thinking in society and to propel the country’s creative economy. The main components are a design library, a material library, and a co-working space, providing a broad range of resources and services. Other components include a makerspace, exhibition spaces, and workshops.

The TCDC has now moved into a wing of the historical Grand Postal Building. Thai based Department of Architecture Co., Ltd.‘s design for the new intervention intends to create a dialogue with the old building and at the same time answer to TCDC’s mission in being Thailand’s creative incubator.

A creative space is not ‘creative’ because of how it looks, but because of how it inspires. It is about creating a space where people can connect, discuss, and work together. Where people can see and be seen on the activities they do to inspire one another. It is a place that would allow new and unknown events to happen, a re-programmable space. It surrounds society with inspiring resources and knowledge, with books and digital media, and rotating exhibitions spreading throughout the space.

Department of architecture has not planned the resource centre as traditional silence libraries. Instead, a large portion of space is designed to encourage conversations in a setting more like a cafe or a co-working space. These work spaces are spread throughout the building, mixing with other programs where work and discussion can happen everywhere. The openness of the space brings people together and allows an interaction with a spontaneous conversation.

The main circulation cuts through the section of the building bringing people to flow pass different facilities and be inspired by what others are doing. Department of Architecture’s design for most of the spaces are flexible with movable furniture and adjustable systems to allow for flexible situation and various creative activities to happen. Exhibition nodes are integrated into all spaces — with shelving systems, wall systems, spaces along corridors, corner spaces and central spaces. Fresh ideas are always presented within reach and always surround visitors for inspiration.

Within the historical building, the new is inserted as an object, placing within and offsetting from the existing envelope, clearly revealing architectural features from the 30’s. The present-day material in its light, translucent, blurring, and glowing quality is having a dialogue with the massive character of the historical shell. The new and the old are interestingly contrasting, enhancing and complementing one another.

This translucent architectural system wrapping around and inserting throughout the facility is holding the essence of what TCDC provides — inspiration and knowledge. It is designed to contain everything from books, magazines, material samples, digital media, mini exhibition, brainstorm boards, announcement, etc. The inspiration runs through and encompasses all the creative spaces.

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