About Us

About Us

Why Instinct?

As furniture designers we always endeavour to go beyond form and function, to explore the very heart of the human condition. We think our name, Instinct reflects this desire.


Our Company

We could burble on about ourselves but decided to let the results of our recent Customer Survey speak for us:

We were very happy to discover that our survey participants:

:  think we are doing a great job overall.
:  like our products and service because they are tailored to libraries.
:  have found we supply innovative solutions to space and workflow problems.
:  consider our products to be stylish, good quality, and value for money.
:  value their relationship with us
:  wonder with anticipation what we will come up with next


Our Commitment

At Instinct Furniture we foster a culture of productive partnerships both in-house and with our supplier network that will contribute to achieving our goal of 100% Client satisfaction and in turn to our Clients’ success.

Driving these partnerships is a robust commitment to maintaining  close contact and understanding of our market on which the design of our furniture is anchored.

Our ISO 14001 and 9001 Business Systems provide a clear perspective for continual improvement in our business activities in a safe and healthy environment.


Our People

Founder and Director of Design, Paul White says:

“The ongoing success of Instinct Furniture will be totally due to people.  Not just our own great staff  but all our friends who contribute, including our customers. The world is a complex and increasingly challenging marketplace and we enjoy rubbing shoulders with a great variety of people and influences.”


Our Dream

To contribute significantly to the changing face of libraries and education with furniture that meets the challenge of change.