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Why Height Adjustable?

Future proofing…

  • We all watch the trends but none of us can predict exactly how libraries will evolve. A height adjustable worktop will help ensure your library is best equipped to respond to the challenge of change.

At the touch of a button…

  • Work at the optimum height and work safely – greatly reducing the risk of occupational injuries.
  • Choose to raise the desktop and stand at regular intervals to reduce the risks
    associated with sitting and working for long periods.
  • Customise your workspace to best suit your own height and task and respond
    comfortably to the demands of the day.
  • Create an inviting space to interact at a comfortable height for both you and
    your customer.
  • Feel confident knowing that you have a sensitive way to interact with people of
    all levels of mobility.
  • Maximise productivity, enhance well-being and minimise fatigue.


See our height adjustable YAKETY YAK Roaming Station in action…

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