Engaging in the sustainability debate

At Instinct Furniture we actively engage in the sustainability debate.

Sustainability is a very wide and complex topic, which we are continuing to explore to better know how we can contribute to the enduring health of our people and our planet.

In a market place afloat with green wash, our mission is to present our customers with credible products so that they in turn may keep their footprint light.


Our Environmental Policy (extract from our ISO14001 management system)

Instinct Furniture has a basic environmental ethic that has become an integral part of the company’s strategic goals.  We pursue a process of ongoing improvement, minimise the operational impact on natural systems and work toward having a positive effect on this relationship.   This will help ensure we establish an environmental balance.

Our goal is to work toward utilising what are considered sustainable, renewable and/or recyclable materials and processes in the design, manufacturing, sale and distribution of commercial furniture. To this end we adopt the following commitments and Policy Objectives:

To have zero breaches of environmental legislative requirements and regulations.
To comply and work toward exceeding local regulations for discharge, noise, air  emissions and land use.
To continually improve our environmental performance and work toward minimising pollution created from our production process, sales and distribution.
Our design and production planning process will seek to audit and utilise environmentally sound materials and processes, and optimise usage through design consideration within a Life Cycle perspective.
Analyse and monitor our inputs to accurately establish effects allowing investigation of alternatives to reduce impacts.
Analyse and monitor our outputs ensuring they meet legislation, whilst also looking for methods of reducing waste and optimising waste streams for recycling. Strive to eliminate environmental hazards from routine and non-routine activities.
Analyse alternatives to influence suppliers’ environmental impacts that are under our direct control.


Life Cycle Thinking
Designing great furniture for you has environmental impacts.  Materials are consumed, supply chains and manufacturing processes are employed and from the time the product makes its home with you there will be maintenance and end of life impacts.  At Instinct Furniture consideration is given to the environmental impact of the product through a process known as Life Cycle Thinking.

In employing Life Cycle Analysis our designers consider the various stages of our furniture’s life, from cradle to grave (or preferably to recycling or upcycling). The goal is to reduce the impact on the environment over the life of the product.


Things we do
We design furniture to help you do your job better – and we design it to be beautiful, functional and strong. That means our furniture will stay relevant to you, and keep on doing a great job longer –  now that’s sustainable.

Use supply chains, materials and manufacturing systems that minimise emissions and have the lightest environmental impact we can possibly achieve.

Detail our furniture for ease of maintenance, repair and recycling.

Use like minded suppliers.

Use biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

Actively engage in staying abreast with the sustainability debate.

Never stop striving to improve.


Things we don’t do