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Size: To suit customer’s book bin
Construction Selected 25mm LPL
Glasswork: 6mm toughened glass
Supports: Brushed stainless steel

From our BOOKFLO range comes our BOOK RETURNS Module which can stand alone or integrate into a circulation counter installation.

Our BOOKFLO BOOK RETURNS Module provides a park for the customer’s returns bin. A handy book shelf leads to a book slot and slide. The slot is formed by a toughened glass panel providing an attractive frontage for the user. The glass panel is able to support signage.

Depending on the site our BOOK RETURNS Module can be detailed to provide a book slot on two frontages.

BOOK RETURNS Modules are available in any Melteca colour and made to fit the customers book bin.

See our BOOKFLO BOOK RETURNS Module teamed with our height adjustable BOOKFLO RETURNS Processing Workstation…

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