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ASK ME 1350: Help / Roam

Size: 1350L x 750D
Adjustment range: Seated to standing
Worktop: Selected HPL with meeting end feature colour
Running gear: Unistrut 150Kg capacity
Carcase: Selected HPL or paint grade
Frame: Steel  –  powder coat Silver/brake castors

From our ASK ME range comes our ASK ME 1350 Help Station.
Ultra tech ASK ME features a central unistrut for seated to standing height adjustment allowing room to mount a storage pedestal.

With the on-set of ‘open library’ and ‘roaming’ environments, ASK ME adapts as a roaming station, welcome or help point with ease. Pert, positionable and responsive ASK ME can move about your space as needs arise. And, if you really want to be noticed, ask for the ASK ME Sign Pole option.

The ASK ME ironing board worktop features a meeting end allowing the staff member to work along side the customer either standing, or adjust to sit if the interchange prolongs.

ASK ME clusters with our BUNNY Caddy and freestanding screens like ZIGGY to define spontaneous staff zones anywhere in your space.

Over the years we have heard all the counter horror stories, while we quietly deployed our height adjustable counters in over 150 libraries through Australasia. We invite you to give us your counter wish list and let our experienced library designers, space planners and project managers do the rest.

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