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Size: Back to Back formatĀ  900W x 1200D x 1200H
or 1100W x 1200D X 1200H
Size: Side by Side format 1800W x 600D x 1200H
or 2200W x 600D X 1200H
Worktop: Selected 25mm LPLĀ  Height: 700mm
Cowling: Selected 16mm LPL
Frame: Steel tube – Silver Powdercoat Diameter 51mm legs/19 x 35mm rails

From our Study Station Range comes our GOTHIC DOUBLE Study Carrel, a traditional study carrel with a little bit of ‘gothic’ thrown in. GOTHIC DOUBLE comes in two formats, back to back or side by side.

We believe giving people choice is the key to a successful learning space. Whereas some students will prefer a more open collaborative situation others will still prefer the ‘quiet space’ the traditional carrel provides.

And, we now offer our larger 1100 wide model, suitable for use with laptops while still leaving plenty of layout space.

Carrels in the GOTHIC range can be fitted with desk mounted power outlets.

GOTHIC also comes as a single format (seen in the video clip).

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