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MAXX 1675: Issues / Help

Size: 1675L
Adjustment range: Seated to standing
Worktop: Selected HPL
Running gear: Twin strut 240Kg capacity
Carcase: Selected LPL or paint grade
Frame: Steel  –  powder coat silver / brake castors

From our MAXX range comes height adjustable MAXX 1675.

MAXX 1675 easily adapts as an issues point or help desk.

Supporting safe work practise, MAXX allows staff to adjust the worktop height from seated to standing. MAXX enables staff to personalise their work space and respond to the demands of the day.

The inviting, curved meeting end makes it easy to work alongside the customer –
simply choose your preferred orientation (either left or right).

With robust brake castors, easily move MAXX about your space as the need may arise.
MAXX stands alone or can be grouped together with support modules like our Cash/Eftpos Module in between, or for even more worktop space, team with MAXX 2100.

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