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Size: DIA 450 x 615H
Top: 12mm acrylic
Frame: Steel – Powder coated Silver
Colour Option: Coloured film or Lagoon graphic options available

Stark and elegant our OVERLAP Table is all about working with laptops safely.
Perfect for informal learning environments – just sit down and slide one over.

The cloven foot manoeuvres around chair legs so now you can easily centre your laptop directly in front of you and at a relaxed height – no twisting, no tightness across the shoulders.

The nice thing about OVERLAP Tables is that they simply drop into your space and become immediately useful – no fuss.

And now you can ‘pimp’ your OVERLAP Tables – choose a coloured film in one of many stunning shades, or one of three gorgeous ‘Lagoon’ graphics applied to the underside of the acrylic worktop (see the images below). You can even choose to have your own design applied.

Client comments:
“The Overlap tables are great, they are so easy to move around and rearrange as the need arises.”

See our OVERLAP Table in action below…

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