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SKID Laptop Trolley

Size: 800L x 535D x 645H  (Worktop: 785L x 400D)
Top: 12mm Acrylic with thumbprint motif
Frame brackets: Milled aluminium, natural anodised
Frame: Diameter 16mm brushed stainless steel tube
Castors: Soft wheel/black and chrome

Sizzling hot from our design studio SKID is a laptop trolley, all about high mobility, and spontaneous, informal work places. 

SKID’s fine lines, strong construction and classic use of quality materials means beauty with a long life. SKID allows you to work with your laptop or iPad directly in front of you and at a relaxed height – no twisting, no tightness across the shoulders and plenty of room for layout beside your laptop.

Use SKID Trolleys with any of our seating range but SKID is particularly designed to marry with our GALAXY Chair.

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