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Socrates STUDY Station

Size: Individual Study Station 1000W x 600D x 700H
Worktop: Selected 25mm LPL
Frame: Steel tube – Silver Powdercoat Diameter 51mm legs/19 x 35mm rails
Option: Fit brake castors

From our Study Station Range comes our Socrates STUDY  Station, with a generous sized worktop, allowing students ample room for devices and support material.

We believe giving people choice is the key to a successful learning space. Some students will prefer a more open collaborative situation, while others like the quiet space that STUDY Stations can provide.

STUDY Stations can be used singularly or grouped in various arrangements like the quad grouping above, fitted with FLICK Back and Side screens for privacy. Add a centrally located HITCH Recharge Station for a readily available power source.

STUDY Station can be fitted with brake castors for dynamic study spaces.

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