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STEALTH 1800 Issues: help

Size: 1840L x 890D
Adjustment range: Seated to standing
Worktop: Hardwearing Tarkett vinyl
Running gear: Twin strut 240Kg capacity
Carcase: Selected LPL
Frame: Steel – powder coat Silver

From our counter range comes STEALTH 1800.

Libraries are moving away from the traditional counter fortification to a more ‘open library’ environment. STEALTH supports this direction, offering flexibility to deploy to suit your site.

STEALTH 1800 was designed without a cantilevered meeting end, to nestle in circulation areas with our BOOKFLO BOOK RETURNS Module and our CASH / EFTPOS Module.
Add STEALTH 2100 to the equation and you have a meeting end for staff to get alongside the customer, while still being able to control the interaction and maintain privacy.

Featuring height adjustability, the staff member can work safely at at the optimum height, greatly reducing the risk of occupational injuries. Simply choose the height that’s most comfortable, sit to work, stand to process.

STEALTH comes in a wide range of stunning colours and finishes, like hard wearing stone worktops or timber veneer frontages.

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