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YAKETY YAK ROUND 1000: Welcome / Help / Roam

Size: Round 1000L
Adjustment range: Seated to standing
Worktop: Selected HPL
Running gear: Unistrut 150Kg capacity
Skirt: Neoprene
Barrel: Selected commercial vinyl
Foot: Steel plate-powder coat silver

Libraries are moving forward. Self issues and returns begin to predominate, relieving librarians to do what they do best. YAKETY YAK ROUND 1000 is a responsive, height adjustable staff station, ideal as a help desk or roaming station.

YAKETY YAK is all about interaction with customers. Clean and beautiful, YAKETY YAK positions over floor services and absorbs cabling into the central barrel – all you see is  a welcoming place to be informed and inspired. Seating to standing height adjustment is available at the touch of a button.

Laptop or tablet, YAKETY YAK’s worktop can mount our PIXEL Power Button, providing easy access to power and USB outlets.

Over the years we have heard all the counter horror stories, while we quietly deployed our height adjustable counters in over 150 libraries through Australasia.

YAKETY YAK comes in four other models: the 2400 Service Island, ROAM 1500, or 1200, and OVAL 1600.

A few comments from our clients:
“Brilliant development, no mess, stylish and functional.”
“SPOT ON for the way libraries are moving in service delivery.”
“Love its simplicity of style and adjustable height.”

We invite you to share your vision with us and let our experienced library designers, space planners and project managers do the rest.

Check out YAKETY YAK 1000 Help: roam in action

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